Lego Star Wars game remake balances the old, new

Samuel Beck, Reporter

“Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” brings a fresh look at a timeless Star Wars video game.

A young man summits the mound of sand in front of him, sporting an all-white robe and with a lightsaber hanging from his belt. The orange light of two setting suns reflects off of his hopeful face. 

This iconic scene has become synonymous with Star Wars, a multi-generational story that has captivated people’s interest for almost 50 years and inspired a plethora of movies, shows, video games and many other forms of content. 

Although much of this content is good, one such video game stands out from the rest. On Nov. 16, 2007, “Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga” was released. It instantly became a smash hit, a childhood-defining memory for millions of players around the world. 

Almost 15 years later, a remake, “The Skywalker Saga,” has been released that is a comprehensive masterpiece, striking a balance between paying homage to the original and breaking new ground.

The game retells the story of the nine “Star Wars” films with Lego animations and gives the player autonomy to control the ways those stories are told. Even the iconic scene of Luke Skywalker, the series’ main character, watching the two suns set can be recreated in-game, along with any other scene from the franchise. 

Every aspect of the game exceeds any expectations. The scene setting, even in Lego, is immersive and effective. The action and storytelling is comprehensive and intentional and well designed. The game also takes every opportunity to poke fun at itself and the franchise, a refreshing addition. The inclusion of voice lines in lieu of the mumbling in the original version adds a sense of the reality of the story coupled with genuinely impressive visuals and inspiring comedy. The gameplay, although somewhat repetitive, does not become stale, even in the latter parts of the game. It poses unique puzzle challenges, as well as fleshed-out and entertaining combat scenes that appeal to different kinds of players. Whether you’re a young kid playing this game for the first time, or older, reliving the nostalgia, the game will cater to your needs.

Following the brilliance and nostalgia of the original iteration of this game, “The Complete Saga,” is no small feat, as the popularity of the original game generated an admittedly cultish fanbase. With this in mind, the new game, “The Skywalker Saga,” respects the original while creating an entertaining product that can be enjoyed by people who have never seen a Star Wars movie.