Ouroboros Review will hold release party to celebrate its third volume


Gabriel Issa

The literary translation club holds a group session to give feedback on each other’s work.

Erich Raumann, Deputy Managing Editor

The students who publish U-High’s literary translation journal, “Ouroboros Review,” will hold their annual release party on June 2 to celebrate the printing of their third volume, dedicated to women of color authors. 

The event, in Judd C116 from 3:45-5 p.m., will feature student translators reading their work and describing their process during translation. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

The volume is dedicated to honoring not only women of color translators, but also women of color writers who have not yet been translated into English. 

“It was the impetus for students to research women of color whose work is interesting and hasn’t been translated into English,” said Maja Teref, adviser of the literary translation club. “We can learn more about how they think — how people who live outside of the United States and do not speak English think.”

The journal will be sold at the event for $10 to support the printing of the next volume.