End-of-year celebration Labstock to be held on June 3


Malcolm Taylor

Ava Eggner and Sophie Volchenbaum sing a duet at last year’s Labstock. The end-of-year event allows students to perform live music in front of their peers.

Ainsley Williams, Reporter

The annual, end-of-year celebration, Labstock, will be on Friday, June 3, from 3:15-5:30 p.m on Scammon Garden. 

Students can expect live music performed by their peers and faculty. Those who wish to sign up can use the form provided by the Cultural Union, the event sponsor.

“Student Council is providing free food and Prom Com is selling chips and drinks that cost money obviously to raise money for prom,” Cultural Union President Akshay Badlani said. “There’s going to be, like, your usual barbecue foods like hamburgers, veggie burgers, corn on the cob.”

Other Labstock activities will include basketball hoops, board games and a dunk tank. 

“Music has always been a crucial part of who I am,” said English teacher Philip Sudderberg, who will be playing the drums. “I’m really excited to share that passion while learning about other peoples’ defining interests as well.”