After two shootings near course, golf team practices relocated


Patrice Graham

After two shootings in the same weak near the golf team’s practices in Jackson Park, the team will now only practice at the Harborside International Golf Center.

Clare McRoberts, Reporter

The Jackson Park Golf Course will no longer be the practice site for the U-High golf team after students witnessed a drive-by shooting during practice on Sept. 13 and another shooting occurred near the same location on Sept. 15, school administrators said.

Several golf team members were playing at the course’s sixth hole on the afternoon of Sept. 13 when they heard a screech of cars and gunfire near the intersection of East 67th Street and South Jeffery Boulevard.

“Right before I take my shot, I kind of look up and I see this car flying down the road,” team member Myles Cobb said. “As it comes flying across, that’s when we hear the shots.”

He added that he and his teammates ran down a hill and dropped to the ground at the direction of their coach.

Athletics Director David Ribbens said in an interview that the team had practiced at the course, which is less than two miles from school, for many years without a serious incident.

“It’s never happened in the 20 years that I’ve been here,” he said.

According to Mr. Ribbens, no one was believed to be hurt in the shooting.

Practices will now take place exclusively at Harborside International Golf Center, another facility about 10 miles south of campus that the team has used.

Harborside is roughly a half hour drive from school, Myles said, adding that he has mixed feelings about the added commute time and balancing homework.

“But after today,” he said, “I feel like it’s the best choice just to keep everyone safe.”