‘Do Revenge’ is everything that makes teen movies great

Chloe Alexander, Assistant Editor

Netflix’s “Do Revenge” does classic teen movie tropes excellently. Still, the film fails to portray real change in their characters. (Netflix)

Drea Torres, a popular student at Rosehill High, is at a party in celebration for making the TeenVogue Next Gen List. Drea thinks she’s on top of the world: she has an attractive boyfriend, supportive friends and a clear path to Yale. That is until her boyfriend asks Drea to make a sex tape for him when he’ll be away for summer break. She reluctantly makes the video, but it leaks the very next day and everything in Drea’s life is shattered. 

“Do Revenge,” streaming now on Netflix, is a “Clueless” meets “Gossip Girl” mashup using classic teen movie tropes and witty remarks with a dark undertone that’s usually lacking in teen movies. But even though the characters look at their past actions with the hope of self-reflection, they lack actual self-correction.

After slapping her ex-boyfriend, who leaked the video and ruined Drea’s high school life, Drea meets Eleanor at a tennis camp when Drea’s car breaks down, leaving Eleanor to drive her home. Eleanor shared a rumor started by a girl named Carissa that ruined her life. When Drea finds out that Eleanor is a new student at Rosehill High, they create a plan to take revenge on Carissa and on Drea’s ex. 

Over the course of the movie, Drea becomes so blinded by the need to invoke revenge on her ex-boyfriend that she starts to neglect Eleanor. Drea is portrayed to be a self-centered queen bee, and at one point, Drea frames a girl for having drugs, causing the girl to get her Stanford acceptance withdrawn. Despite the fact Drea changes in the end, her harmful actions throughout the movie aren’t addressed, making her redemption questionable. 

Although there were a few comments that could be off-putting and cringy to some viewers, the movie’s humor and unexpected plot exceeded expectations of a basic teen movie. “Do Revenge” lacks the portrayal of real change from the main character and falls into stereotypical “mean-girl” movie tropes. The movie has an unconventional and entertaining plot with a satisfying ending that can be enjoyed by anyone.