U-High welcomes new high school office secretary


Matt Petres

Emese El Bissatine Pasztor is the new secretary in the high school office. She started working in late September.

Parmita Kashanipour, Reporter

Emese El Bissatine Pasztor started working as U-High’s office secretary in late September after being a substitute teacher for 10 years. 

“I always felt like Lab school is where I belong,” Ms. Pasztor said.

After working for many years as a substitute teacher, Emese El Bissatine Pasztor has come to know and love the environment and positive values of the Laboratory Schools. Over the years, she has declined offers to go work at other schools because of not only the work environment, but also the people who are a part of the Lab community.

After completing an undergraduate degree in education and a college degree in teaching French, literature and fine arts, she planned to pursue a Ph.D. in art education. However, after 15 credits she decided to not continue her Ph.D. It was after a colleague recommended an international education program that she decided to continue her degree.

“My first love of language was when I was 14 years old,” she said.

Ms. Pasztor said that her love of languages, specifically French, was inspired by a wonderful teacher. Over the years, she expanded her knowledge of languages and now speaks English, Hungarian, French, conversational Spanish and basic Moroccan Arabic.