Volleyball and soccer teams compete in friendly charity event


Matt Petres

Seniors Kenneth Peters and Charlotte Henderson shake hands across the volleyball net. The soccer and volleyball teams faced off in a match on Nov. 16 to raise money for the Greater Chicago Food Pantry.

Zara Siddique, Audience Engagement Manager

The volleyball flies out of bounds and into the crowd of laughing fans. Cheers erupt on both sides of the net as players from the volleyball team and boys soccer team embrace their teammates. Students yell out witty remarks, and the scoreboard flashes points as the volleyball team places well-aimed shots, and the soccer team chaotically sends the ball back over.

On Nov. 16, Student Council hosted the first-ever friendly charity volleyball match. A match in which the varsity volleyball team faced off against the varsity boys soccer team to support the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Fans bought snacks and drinks where 100% of the money would be donated to the charity.

“It was for a good cause, and it was something fun that brought a lot of people together,” said junior volleyball player Mahi Shah.

The game ended with the volleyball team winning 3-0 and fans swarming the court to congratulate their friends. The event concluded in a smiling group photo.

Senior soccer player Milo Jarard said that even though his team lost, it was still a good opportunity and a great start to Thanksgiving break.

“I had a lot of fun playing the game, and I think it’d be a great tradition for Lab to have every year.”