Photography teacher leaves Lab after winter break


Sarah Abdelsalam

Long-term substitute Candice Latimer is teaching Benjamin Jaffe’s photography and film courses after he did not return to Lab following winter break.

William Tan, Editor-in-Chief

Film and photography teacher Benjamin Jaffe did not return to his position at Lab when school resumed after winter break Jan. 3. In place, long-term substitute Candice Latimer will teach the filmmaking and photography courses and manage Lab Arts, the annual festival showcasing student-created art. 

Ms. Latimer also has a background in photography, has taught at Summer Lab and has previously worked as a long-term substitute in the fine arts department. 

“We are grateful for her willingness to step in on such short notice, and we have lots of confidence that she will guide the students wonderfully through the rest of the year,” Sunny Neater, fine arts department chair, said. 

Ms. Neater said the situation is unexpected for both faculty and students, but she is confident everything will turn out all right.

“I have many thoughts and feelings about it all, including gratitude for Ms. Latimer stepping in, as well as empathy and compassion for our students as they make this transition,” she said. “I know that an abrupt change like this is disruptive and can require a bit of adjustment.”

Though no reason was stated for his leave, Ms. Neater hopes everything works out for Mr. Jaffe.

“We wish Mr. Jaffe the best in whatever is next for him,” she said.