Ice Spice proves herself on latest record


Capitol Records

Ice Spice’s newest project “Like..?” exemplifies her creativity and cultural significance.

Ainsley Williams, reporter

If you find yourself on certain sides of the internet, Ice Spice, the up-and-coming rapper, is hard to miss. From rumors of her being an industry plant to people speculating of her being the late Princess Diana reincarnated, many are asking if she is going to be the next big thing. 

Her debut EP “Like…” answers with an enthusiastic yes. Ice Spice’s monotone rap style in the first track “In Ha Mood,” allows the lyrics to pop even more. The song compels the listener to vibe along to the catchy, and almost pop-like beats, and pulls them in to sing along to a popular lyric, “she a baddie, she know she a ten.” 

The song titled “Princess Diana” follows.  In the track, Ice Spice ingeniously lets the internet know they are heard by wittily poking fun at the rumors of being the late Princess of Wales reincarnated with the lyric “In the hood, I’m like Princess Diana.” The meme first gained popularity on TikTok, with people calling her “the people’s princess of rap.” 

Another notable track is titled “Bikini Bottom.” The song starts off with a familiar sound turning out to be a sample from the cartoon “SpongeBob SquarePants,” which really demonstrates the playful and witty nature of the album, with the lyrics and production. 

“Like…” is Ice Spice’s catapult into the mainstream. She cleverly references her influences to pop culture over campy lyrics sprinkled with nostalgic samples in 13 minutes and six songs, further proving herself as a Gen Z icon and the people’s princess of rap.