Bold journalism is possible when everyone participates


Midway Staff

To produce bold journalism, healthy communication between the Lab community and the Midway staff is key.

Students are working all over the country and at U-High to cover controversial and important events at their school, hold administrators and elected officials accountable in their community, and amplify voices that are traditionally excluded or marginalized, in order to ensure transparency among nationwide student bodies.

Even in a school with a history of healthy student press freedom, bold journalism is only possible when community members outside of the U-High Midway staff participate, too. 

Students, faculty and families can contribute story ideas by emailing the Midway, which can diversify our platform so more perspectives can be heard, and allow the whole community to see themselves in our coverage. 

Though it can be difficult to go on the record for some stories, students should view the Midway as a platform through which they can have their voices heard by those who need to hear it. By agreeing to interview requests when possible, we can broaden our coverage past the same groups of people and tell the important stories our audience members have to share. 

Liking, sharing and commenting on Midway content helps our staff see what kind of content our audience likes, dislikes and appreciates, which will allow us to understand our readers better.

Submitting story ideas, being sources in interviews and engaging with content will help us ensure that our published stories reflect a broad range of perspectives contributed by the student body, and introduce the younger generations to the benefits of traditional student journalism. 

Bold journalism is happening in the Midway, and with healthy communication between the student body and our staff, we can continue to work toward holding people in power accountable for Lab’s continued improvement.