Middle school principal leaves for Latin


Midway staff

Middle school principal Ryan Allen is to leave Lab this summer for an assistant head of school position at the Latin School of Chicago.

Chloe Alexander, Assistant Editor

Middle school principal Ryan Allen will be leaving Lab this summer for an assistant head of school role at his alma mater, the Latin School of Chicago.

Mr. Allen has been working at Lab for the past seven years. Throughout his tenure, he has made many changes to Lab and helped through difficult moments.

Although the decision to leave was tough, Mr. Allen believes that it’s the next step in his career.

“So this is an opportunity to be the assistant head of school,” Mr. Allen said. “I think in the long run, I’ve always thought about wanting to be a head of school.”

Mr. Allen has participated in the National Association of Independent Schools program for aspiring heads of schools.

He said, “So professionally, this is kind of the next step.”

Mr. Allen said he will always remember the people at Lab and the community that was built in his time here.

“I mean, this is a tough decision for us,” Mr. Allen said, referring to his family. “ We’re excited about it, though, so it’s really bittersweet. It is not for a lack of love for this community. It was one that truly compelled us for a lot of different reasons, but we are super appreciative of having the experience here at Lab.”