Journalism team receives 21 national awards


Kaden Moubayed

The U-High Midway and U-Highlights team received a combined 21 honors for their performance in the 2021-2022 school year.

Light Dohrn, Reporter

The U-High Midway and U-Highlights team received a combined 21 honors from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Circle Awards, which were announced April 8. 

The awards spanned from the Midway editors-in-chief to the photojournalism team and the yearbook staff. 

Midway editor-in-chief Téa Tamburo, a senior who received a third place award for podcasting along with senior Audrey Matei, voiced her appreciation for her team above all other aspects of working on the staff. 

“It feels like we can always rely on each other,” Téa said. 

Assistant editor Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu contributed to the first place award in the news brief category. 

“I think the Midway directly reflects the hard work and effort every member on the team puts in,” Katie, a junior, said, “and that makes it extremely rewarding.”

Photojournalist Matt Petres received four awards, including first place for news photography. Matt, a senior, said he feels grateful to receive this kind of validation for his work on the photojournalism staff. 

“I appreciate that photographers receive recognition in addition to the writers,” Matt said. “I’m glad to have contributed.”


Yearbook awards for the 2022 edition:

  • Matt Petres, second place, feature photo
  • Matt Petres, third place, sports feature photo
  • Sydney Tyler, certificate of merit, sports reporting
  • Carter Chang, certificate of merit, academic photo

Newspaper print for 2021-22 school year:

  • Staff (Amy Ren, Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, Chloe Ma, Chloë Alexander, Joaquin Figueroa, Louis Auxenfans), first place, briefs writing
  • Anathea Carrigan, third place, op-ed/news analysis page design
  • Meena Lee, third place, photo layout: full page
  • An Ngo, third place, single-subject news/feature page design
  • Matt Petres, third place, single spot news photograph
  • William Tan, third place, personality profile
  • Louis Auxenfans, certificate of merit, news feature
  • Meena Lee, certificate of merit, sports commentary
  • Adriana Nehme, certificate of merit, page one design
  • Sahana Unni, certificate of merit, cultural feature

Digital news from October 2021-October 2022:

  • Matt Petres, first place, single spot news photograph
  • Meena Lee, second place, sports commentary
  • Audrey Matei & Téa Tamburo, third place, podcast
  • Andrew Burke-Stevenson, certificate of merit, photo slideshow
  • Amon Gray, certificate of merit, personal opinion: off-campus issues
  • Caroline Hohner, certificate of merit, podcast
  • William Tan, certificate of merit, personality profile