Discipline Review Board returns


Patrice Graham

After it’s extended absence, the Discipline Review Board is returning next school year.

Taariq Ahmed, Reporter

The Discipline Review Board is making a return after several years of absence, and the elected representatives for 2023-24 were announced through a Schoology post April 17. 

The faculty representatives are Shauna Anderson, math; Daniel Bobo-Jones, science; Daniel Calleri, science; Jim Catlett, science; Kenny Fourniller, science and Sunny Neater, fine arts. The student representatives are Leila Battiste, Emma Ciesla and Sam Pastor for the Class of 2024; Lucie Bhatoey-Bertrand and Ace Ma for the Class of 2025; and Camila Bravo and Victor Chen for the Class of 2026. 

The DRB reviews cases for students who have asked for an analysis of a suspension they received for being considered to have violated school policy. 

Dr. Calleri said he served on the DRB before and intends to continue his previous mindset toward cases.

“As I have in the past, I will approach the disciplinary proceedings with an open mind,” Dr. Calleri said, “listen to the evidence and two sides, and come to a reasonable and fair decision.”