Running coach makes a difference, working to change the life of athletes through small gestures


Kabir Joshi

PASS IT ON. Austin Warner talks to runner Ellis Domenick about proper form to hand off the baton on Jackman Field on May 17. Mr. Warner is preparing his athletes for the state meet May 25-27.

Kabir Joshi, Reporter

Austin Warner, better known as Coach Warner, has been making an effort to improve the running teams’ spirit since he joined earlier this year. 

Mr. Warner started at the beginning of the fall 2022 cross country season. Mr. Warner has brought a positive spirit to the team as he looked to improve the well-spirited and young boys team. During the day, Mr. Warner teaches physical education at Earl Shapiro Hall, uplifting the youngest members of the community. 

Mr. Warner has been coaching for 10 years at previous schools, and has been running for 17 years, making him quite experienced when it comes to running. He works to apply these skills with the current boys team, coaching them through to the ISL Championship last fall. 

“Seeing the athletes put in the hard work throughout the season … and seeing development especially from our younger runners,”Mr. Warner said. 

He especially looks to make a difference in their lives by showing compassion and care, hoping to at least improve their day.

“Being there, being present, showing the athletes that you care about them more than just an athlete, getting to know them and building that trust,” Mr. Warner said. 

Student athletes spend many hours training every week, Mr. Warner inspires them to keep running. 

“He inspires me to be as good as I possibly can at running while also making it fun,” ninth grade runner Sean Niro said.

Mr. Warner is a friendly face who loves to work with students to put a smile on their face. He encourages students to join cross country and get to know the team better.