Administrators to leave in June


After the 2018-19 school year, two longtime members of the Lab community, Christopher and Allison Jones, will leave Lab for new positions in North Carolina.

Mr. Jones is currently associate director of the Laboratory Schools but will start next school year at Cannon School in Concord, North Carolina. Mr. Jones has been at the University of Chicago for 21 years and has held roles at Lab since 2001.

He worked in Lab’s Information Systems team, managed afterschool programs, managed business affairs and led the finance and operations teams during renovations and expansions throughout the schools.

Having these many different roles at lab has given Mr. Jones a unique point of view on the Lab dynamic.

“Lab has this amazing atmosphere where you can think what you think and explain why you think what you think, and people will genuinely listen to your ideas,” Mr. Jones said, “and that sense of community and understanding is a big part of what I want to bring with me.”

Ms. Jones, faculty member of 18 years and current middle school assistant principal, will relocate alongside her husband.

While at Lab, she has also been a middle school science teacher and director of after school programs.

She said she looks forward to new adventures and experiences in education.

“It’s exciting to explore a new area, and to figure out what I’m going to do next,” she said, adding that she is comforted by lessons she has learned at Lab, such as working with students, parents, teachers and even administrators. Despite her optimism, Ms. Jones said she will miss the people at Lab.

“You guys are great,” she said. “That’s what makes Lab special.”