Stop complaining and talk to the administration


Nicky Edwards-Levin, Midway Reporter

Even before it begins, students complain about the Van Dyke and Kavanaugh assembly. To some, it is time out of their free period, some are missing their favorite class, but for most, they say it is just a waste of time.

The administration gives us a lot of opportunities to shape our community, so we should stop complaining and take action.

The recent grade-wide assembly about the Jason Van Dyke trial and Brett Kavanaugh confirmation is just one example of this.

Granted, the assembly wasn’t perfect, but instead of complaining, communicate your feedback to the administration and appreciate the positive aspects of their efforts.Ultimately, the assembly got us talking and thinking about events outside of our immediate U-High bubble — something many Lab students rarely do. Just because the administration organized it doesn’t mean that it was a disaster.

Another example of unnecessary student hostility towards the administration is last year’s walkout.

Last February, multiple members of the Class of 2018 organized a student walkout against gun violence, specifically inspired by the Parkland shooting. After many students got involved, the administration heard about the event and decided to help organize it, meaning no participator would get a cut for missing class.

Many students were outraged by this decision. They thought it should be an only-student event and that by reducing the consequences, the administration was taking away from the ultimate purpose of the walkout.

In reality, the administration was helping us. Helping us avoid getting a cut is in no way oppressive. In fact, these complaints, without base in reality, actually take away from any legitimate feedback students have for the administration. When so many of the comments about the administration are simply untrue, it becomes harder to separate the constructive criticism from the sometimes hostile anti-authority bias.

This type of automatic unhappiness with the administration shows a disconnect between the students and the administration that, ultimately, us students are responsible for.

The administration is constantly reaching out to the student body. On Oct. 15 and Oct. 23, Betsy Noel, health and wellness coordinator, hosted meetings about the health and wellness survey results. The administration has invited students to talk to Dialogos members about how to improve Lab. Principal Stephanie Weber has office hours.

The administration can’t be blamed for not making improvements if no students take initiative.

So if you are one of the members of the small-but-loud group who protests the administration’s every step, then talk to Ms. Weber. Talk to Charlie. Talk to Ms. Campos. Do something about it. But until you do something about it, please refrain from complaining. It’s getting annoying.