Student Council seeks more student input, feedback

Nicky Edwards-Levin, Midway Reporter

This year, the Student Council wants the student voice to be heard. The group has been collecting feedback from students about its performance. Additionally, they have been making making a stronger effort to advocate for the interests of the student body. Most recently, that manifested in asking for student input regarding the switch to semesters.

According to All-School President Shiva Menta, the Student Council was less connected to the student body than they should have been last year.

“After last year, despite our attempts, it seemed that students felt there was a true disconnect between the students and administration. People believed Student Council wasn’t serving its true role,” Shiva said.

But now, Student Council is doing more to reach out to students. After the spirit assembly and homecoming dance in September, Cultural Union sent out dance and assembly feedback forms to help guide organizers who want to make them more enjoyable fulfilling for those attending.

As for student government, Student Council has been reaching out to students specifically about the switch to semesters. The council used a form to solicit feedback on semesters, which Shiva said the leaders will use to use to convey to administration students’ questions and thoughts about the models.

“Another instance I think was important was the Student Council Town Halls we held in which we tried to help students be more aware of the possible change to semesters,” Shiva said.

Shiva said students can reach out to Student Council through the Student Council website, as well as just finding any member of Student Council and sharing with them.

“At any time, we strongly encourage students to reach out whenever possible so we can best understand what the students want,” Shiva said. “We have been doing this to get a more accurate representation of student voice and to encourage more participation in democratic processes in the school, serving our role in the best way possible.”