Current Drivers Ed program discontinued

Caledonia Abbey, Midway Reporter

In December 2018, Ms. Weber announced on Schoology that U-High would no longer “promote the services of and have ceased to facilitate the Illinois Driving School’s Program on campus.”

The driver’s education program at U-High was run through an external vendor, the Illinois Driving School, and has been affiliated with the school for several years, with many U-High students and their siblings haven taken the very same drivers ed course, which has been taught by the same teacher.

According to the Associate Director of Schools, Christopher Jones, there were series of conversations with the Illinois Driving School in which the administration determined that “given some circumstances and reports that were made,” the nature of which remains confidential, it was not “in the best interests of the students to continue to work with the Illinois Driving School on campus.”

Andrew “Andy” Danek, the owner and teacher of Illinois Driving School, said that when he “walked into the meeting, they already seemed to have their mind made up.” Danek intends to challenge the administration’s decision.

Participants of the Fall quarter drivers ed class, which was the final course offered before the end of the Illinois Driving School’s affiliation with Lab, have said that there were inappropriate comments made towards students by the instructor.

The high school leadership has not yet developed another program for Drivers Ed.