Chilling out: Most students spent cold days relaxing

Madeline Welch, Midway Reporter

With school closed Jan. 29-31 due to historically cold weather, some students took the opportunity to relax while others found ways to remain active despite being cooped up inside.

Many students decided to cozy up during the effects of the polar vortex by binging Netflix with tea and hot chocolate in hand.

“I spent most of Tuesday watching ‘Star Trek’ episodes with my dad,” senior Alex Stevanovich said via text message. “On Wednesday, a friend of mine drove to pick me and up I hung out at his place for a while, drinking tea and watching Netflix.”

For others, the cold weather served as an excuse for staying warm with friends indoors.

“I stayed at home, played video games with friends and made hot chocolate,” junior Ben Cifu said via text message.

While staying in bed and watching movies during the cold weather was enticing, many students came up with ways to stay fit inside.

”Since it was too cold to go outside, I tried to stay active at home by lifting weights and throwing around a tennis ball,” freshman Colin Leslie said in a text message.

Colin was not the only one who felt the need to exercise during the three-day break. Some students discovered sweat-inducing activities in the comfort of their homes, while others braced the cold to travel to gyms and clubs.

“I exercised by going to Homewood-Flossmoor Racquet and Fitness Club, where I played tennis with friends,” sophomore Danny Han said in a text after his trip to Flossmoor on Wednesday.

Classes resumed Feb. 1.