Foote becomes Spectrum adviser


Tosya Khodarkovsky

BUILDING COMMUNITY. Gesturing, middle school language teacher Deb Foote discusses with senior Robert Coats during a Spectrum meeting. Ms. Foote is the new adviser, taking over former teacher Daniel Bobo-Jones’ position.

Samira Glaeser-Khan

With the loss of their adviser, Daniel Bobo-Jones, senior Spectrum leaders are taking on the responsibility of mentoring younger students.

Club president Bassem Noghnogh says the student leaders have chosen Deb Foote, a middle school world language teacher, to be their new adviser. Ms. Foote had been attending some club meetings throughout the year.

Bassem explained that Mr. Bobo-Jones played an important role in working with underclassmen.

“Jones provided stability for the freshmen because he’s their teacher, for a lot of them,” Bassem said. “With him gone, I kind of have to fill the role of mentoring them. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable doing that yet because I feel like I’m just as much of a kid as a lot of them.”

Bassem also explained that Spectrum is in need of faculty input to help club members pursue creative projects and unconventional ideas.

“Mr. Jones would help us to pursue less conventional ideas,” Bassem said. “Without him, I’m a little less secure in mixing things up. He would help me get my ideas off the ground. One example is a Jeopardy game we had. We had categories like pride flags, famous members of the LGBTQ+ community and history.”

Bassem explained that Ms. Foote is already playing a more active role in leading discussions and group meetings. He hopes that she can fill more of the club’s needs as she transitions into her new role.

Ms. Foote said she will help the club in any way she can and is happy to be the adviser, but she also said that she is proud of how the students are continuing the club without Mr. Bobo-Jones.

“Mr. Jones was so important to them, but for them to keep running the club as they had been is really all anybody could ask,” she said. “They’re doing a great job, and Bassem is great at leading the group. I hope the students know that I am there for whatever they need. Whatever I can do, I’d like to do.”