Bobo-Jones grievance goes to arbitration

Mira Costello, Assistant Editor

The grievance filed by the Faculty Association after the termination of Daniel Bobo-Jones will proceed to arbitration as of Feb. 4.

Through the grievance, the FA claimed that Mr. Bobo-Jones’ termination violated the collective bargaining agreement between faculty and the administration. Director Charlie Abelmann wrote in an email Jan. 26 that he would not overturn the decision to terminate Mr. Bobo-Jones’s employment, so the FA sent a written request to the school for an arbitration officer.

According to Sharon Housinger, FA vice president, an arbitrator will be agreed upon through the American Arbitration Association, but the process is lengthy.

Sharon Housinger

Ms. Housinger, a science teacher, said the FA has one week to find an arbitrator, but it can take weeks to get in communication with them. After this, it can take months to schedule a hearing, days to hold the hearing, and more months for the arbitrator to issue a decision.

“It’s what’s called binding arbitration, which means both parties have to do it,” Ms. Housinger said. “Whatever the arbitrator rules, both parties have to just say, ‘that’s it.’”

Dr. Abelmann indicated in his Jan. 26 email that the Lab Schools would abide by the arbitrator’s decision.

If both the FA and the administrations agree on an alternative solution after the ruling, it can be implemented. If not, the arbitrator’s decision is applied, and there can be no further action by either party.

The charges Mr. Bobo-Jones filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming discrimination and retaliation, are separate from the faculty grievance and can proceed after arbitration is complete.