Head gear no longer required for girls soccer team


Elena Liao

Last year, concussion headbands were mandated for the soccer teams in both practices and games. An unpopular decision amongst the teams, the mandate was lifted this year.

Abigail Slimmon, Sports Editor

Despite being a huge controversy last year, the girls soccer team is no longer required to wear protective headgear. 

The protection has become optional for this season due to inconclusive data supporting the effectiveness of the head protection worn by girls soccer players last spring and the distraction they caused during the game,” Athletic Director David Ribbens explained

“The head protection did not fit well last year,” Mr. Ribbens said. “It was probably 60% of the time that they were falling off players’ heads.”

The sizing options provided by the manufacturer were in increments that did not work for everyone’s head size, which resulted in them falling off in the middle of the games, Mr. Ribbens said. He has encouraged the manufacturer to make the head protection adjustable by using Velcro-style fabric fastener, but changes have not yet been made.

Additionally, Mr. Ribbens has been in contact with an author at the University of Wisconsin who will be publishing their research on the use of headgear and effects of that head gear in the next three months.

“Our headgear was tested in that study as one of the different types,” Mr. Ribbens said. “Once that study comes out I think there will be more conclusive evidence as to whether or not the use of headgear actually prevents injury.”

All girls soccer players have made the decision to forgo the gear and the option to not wear it will also likely be provided for the boys team in the fall, Mr. Ribbens said.