Students, families invited to dinner celebrating end of Ramadan


Leland Culver

Students and families are invited to participate in the annual Eid dinner Oct. 23 hosted by the Muslim Students’ Association

Grace Holleb, Midway Reporter

The annual Eid Dinner will be Oct. 23 in Café Lab to celebrate the end of the Islamic holiday Ramadan. The feast will be open to all students and faculty, featuring traditional Middle Eastern and south Asian dishes.

The main goal is to give people a chance to interact with the Muslim community at Lab, Jenna Nimer, Muslim Students’ Association co-president, said. 

This celebration is one of the MSA’s most popular events. With about 250 attendees in 2018, and the number looking to increase this year, Jenna said she is excited. 

“My favorite part is the henna. A lot of people can connect with it regardless of age,” Jenna said. “It is something I’ve been doing since I was little, so it’s a little nostalgic.”

The cafeteria will be filled with poster boards giving information, games for younger attendees, henna and, of course, lots of food. Jenna said she hopes these activities will provide a casual atmosphere allowing for plenty of socialization.

In the weeks leading up to the dinner, MSA members have been collecting produce for a food drive to donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 

Jenna said, “It is more than interacting with the community. It is also about giving back to the community.”