Computer science internships returning this summer


Midway Staff

U-High sophomores and juniors will work among fellow high school and college students for 37.5 hours a week to research areas of interest in the computer science field.

Leland Culver, Assistant Managing Editor

For the first time since 2017, a Summer Link computer science program will be offered for rising juniors and seniors interested in computer science.

Sharon Harrison, computer science teacher, will run Lab’s part of the program, and will work with the University of Chicago Center for Data and Computing as well as other potential organizations in Chicago to provide computer science internships.

She said the department and administration want to provide opportunities for juniors and seniors, and strengthen the relationship with the university.

“We’re looking at trying to tightly align students’ interests and expertise with different projects at the university and our other potential external entities,” Ms. Harrison said.

Information about the specifics of the program will be distributed in the coming weeks, and the application process will take place in December and early January.