Continuum Exhibit to explore consciousness

Krishita Dutta, Reporter

What is it that distinguishes people who achieve greatness through unleashing their mindfulness? An exhibit coming to Gordon Parks Arts Hall will explore ideas to answer this riveting question.


The “Continuum Exhibit on Consciousness and Interconnectedness of Life” is being held at the Laboratory Schools from Feb. 24 to March 6 and is organized by Jane Barrash, a 1974 U-High graduate. 

The “Continuum Exhibit” is an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural exhibit that explores consciousness, human capacity and meaning to life. According to Ms. Barrash, the exhibit is a new version of the original Continuum exhibit that inspired her in Minneapolis decades ago.

“I had become very interested in the nature of the mind and reality and whether we’ve been given adequate information to get the most out of either of them,” Ms. Barrash said. “I came to realize that self-expression is creative expression, and society is not very supportive of those seeking to experiment and discover who they are, or pursue something out of the box.”

The exhibit will introduce ideas and activities that significantly enhance the level of self-awareness. In doing so, people will have a much better self-understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and hence comprehend the drivers of their successes and failings. 

The exhibit will promote increased awareness of your surroundings, helping you stay “in-the-moment,” thus further enhancing your chances of success in whatever you seek to accomplish.

Ms. Barrash strongly believes that through bringing mindfulness to the Laboratory Schools, students will be introduced to ideas that will extensively benefit them.

Ms. Barrash challenged the current educational paradigm. According to her, the more creative and self-growth-focused framework is transformational to anyone who utilizes it.

Fine arts teacher Brian Wildeman also believes that the exhibit will serve as a way for students to discover themselves. 

“The Consciousness exhibit not only helps students discover themselves, but aligns with ideas and goals that Lab really focuses on,” Mr. Wildeman said. “It’s a unique and great way to give back to the Lab Schools that has never been done before.”