Retiring faculty, principal made mark on middle, lower, primary schools


Berk Oto

Middle school principal Sandra Bixby, left, 6th grade humanities teacher Richard Krull, center-left, Ms. Ogilvie, center-right, and Ms. Marienthal, right, are all retiring this year.

Julian Ingersoll, Arts Co-Editor

After years of hard work and dedication to the younger student body of the Laboratory Schools, one administrator and three faculty members will say goodbye at the end of the school year. Middle school principal Sandra Bixby, middle school humanities teacher Richard Krull, primary school librarian Mary Ogilvie, and primary school counselor Stacy Marienthal will be retiring next month.

Sandra Bixby

After working as a science teacher in Philadelphia, Ms. Bixby came to Lab to teach seventh grade science and become an adviser. 

“As a science teacher, students often surpassed the boundaries of an assignment, and in advisory their efforts to reach out to each other and the community were filled with kindness and care,” Ms. Bixby said. 

She moved into the position of interim principal for the middle school in 2014, and she was later hired permanently. She took the knowledge from being a seventh grade teacher into her position as an administrator. She is planning on moving back to Philadelphia to be with family after her 13 years of being in Chicago. 

Richard Krull

Since 1990, Richard Krull has taught English and Ancient history or humanities to sixth graders with the hope of one day teaching high school students. After years of teaching middle schoolers he said he felt as if he had found his “niche.” He has seen the school change over the 30 years of teaching, yet what stays the same is the enthusiasm of the students that go to Lab. 

“This has made teaching at Lab so rewarding,” Mr. Krull said, “The longer I have been here the more I have come to appreciate and enjoy my classes.”

Mary Ogilvie

Primary school librarian Mary Ogilvie has been with the Laboratory Schools for 29 years and said she has had a remarkable and rewarding journey. She has enjoyed choosing a career in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

“The things that will stand out in my memories are my wonderful library and fellow librarians, working with exceptionally dedicated teachers, and children who have brought me joy and wonder every single day,” Ms. Ogilvie said. 

Stacy Marienthal

Stacy Marienthal has been a counselor at Lab for 17 years and has been able to connect with countless students and their families. As a counselor said she also appreciates the trust students and families here have put in her since 2003.

“Being a counselor of young children and families has been an incredible honor,” Ms. Marienthal said. “I appreciate the trust parents, teachers and administrators have placed in me and wish everyone the best as they move forward in their lives.”