Lo-fi hip hop finds niche at U-High for simple, relaxing nature

Nicky Edwards-Levin, Editor-In-Chief

The name lo-fi itself is a good indicator of the genre. Low-fi hip hop, short for low-fidelity, refers to the vinyl crackle you hear on the audio. It’s unfiltered, and feels more raw than the processed hip-hop you hear on the radio. 

Lo-fi hip hop, an exceedingly popular music genre, has found its niche at U-High due to its simple and relaxing qualities. 

Junior Sean Zhang, who listens to lo-fi when he does his homework, enjoys the simple, unrefined feel of the music. He can listen to it as music to enjoy, but it also helps him to concentrate and do work.

Graham Waterstraat, a junior, appreciates how accessible lo-fi is, both for artists and listeners. As opposed to just hearing big-name pop stars, Graham enjoys lo-fi’s more under-the-radar artists.

Music credit: Riddiman