Service learning hours will not be required for the Class of 2023


Midway file photo

Members of the class of 2022 complete their service hours before the novel coronavirus pandemic. While the class of 2022 had modified service learning requirements, the class of 2023 will have no required service hours.

Ryan Clark, Reporter

Due to the pandemic and distance learning, sophomores will have no required service learning hours this year, and no service learning coordinator will be hired to fill the current vacancy.

Themes of service learning will still feature prominently in sophomore advisory discussions even though there will be no required hours, according to Principal Paul Beekmeyer.

Without any coordinator, lead 10th grade adviser Laura Doto is working with other advisers to investigate ways in which service learning could be conducted remotely. However, even if service learning becomes feasible in the coming months, a new requirement for volunteering will not be imposed upon the Class of 2023.

In her Sept. 9 statement during the 10th grade class meeting, Mrs. Doto said that she will work within the newly created modified service learning program that would create service opportunities through clubs, peer leading and advisory programs. She also said that the 10th grade Student Council is working to assemble a resource bank with community resources to aid those interested in service.

Advisers are also working to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion content into the discussions and hope that students will still choose to volunteer in their communities even without the requirement.

Mr. Beekmeyer said that the service learning coordination position will remain vacant while there are no service learning requirements.


The story was updated on Sept. 24 at 9:18 a.m.