New Midway editors, positions selected


Peter Pu

The U-High Midway selected new editors and positions for the 2020-21 academic year.

Berk Oto, Managing Editor

The editors-in-chief of the U-High Midway announced editors for the new city life section as well as content managers and assistant editors for the 2020-21 staff. 

Kia Dutta and Lucia Kouri have been chosen as co-city life editors.

The new city life section will encapsulate the city’s neighborhoods through stories about people, experiences and issues important to U-High students.

“In creating this section we thought of the different communities that Lab is a part of,” U-High Midway editor-in-chief Amanda Cassel said. “We’re hoping to think a lot about the different injustices and experiences happening across the city of Chicago, and city life will put all that together.”

Noa Appelbaum, Meena Lee and Téa Tamburo have been selected as the new content managers. 

Content managers will manage distribution of Midway content for various audiences across different platforms and channels. This team will decide how stories are publicized to increase Midway readership as much as possible.

“Content managers will work closest with our managing editor, Berk,” Amanda said. “One thing we want to focus on this year is to help the student body interact with our content. Content managers will figure out ways to help people see our content on their social media feed and elsewhere.”

Anathea Carrigan, Ryan Clark, Amon Gray, Caroline Hohner, Adrianna Nehme and An Ngo have been chosen as assistant editors.