Lab must proactively counteract systemic racism


Berk Oto

Lab should use its curriculum to counteract systemic racism, Features Editor Olivia Griffin writes.

Olivia Griffin, Features Editor

The outrage surrounding Breonna Taylor’s death is warranted and necessary. Yet, the main lesson we must take away from Hankison’s conviction is that we are not doing enough as a nation, a state, a community, nor a school to prevent the systemic killing of oppressed individuals. 

But my question for Lab: what’s the good in only offering a platform for civil discourse after the fact? Especially when you have the means and the morals to do so much more. 

Lab preaches that we must be global citizens and that Black lives matter, and I am eternally grateful to go to a school whose principles line up with my own, but it’s not enough. Lab must additionally acknowledge all the ways in which systemic white privilege attempts to disprove these sentiments.