Planning committee fundraises for prom in June


Peter Pu

The prom planning committee sells spirit wear to fundraise for prom in June. The current campaign will end Oct. 26.

An Ngo, Assistant Editor

Although the details of prom for the Class of 2021 in June remain undecided, the prom planning committee has begun fundraising by selling spirit wear. The fundraising campaign for the current set of merchandise sold over 100 sweatshirts and will end Oct. 26.

The prom planning committee is currently considering a traditional prom format with a dinner and dance that maintains social distancing along with other new formats.“I think it’s especially hard for us to reimagine prom because of how traditional prom is. No one has really done what we’re trying to do,” senior Mikaela Ewing said.

The committee plans to continue fundraising online through selling different spirit wear, including the popular “UH” sweaters that have been sold in past years. The committee has considered food fundraisers like caramel apple or chocolate fundraisers, but while trying to gauge excitement and engagement, some ideas for fundraising events on campus may present logistical challenges. 

“It’s very hard to get to get permission to have people on campus,” Mikaela said. Anything that we want to do on campus has to be planned relatively early and also we have to get permission from U. of C., which is kind of hard at the moment because they’re not really allowing anything that’s not necessary. It’s a little bit challenging, but hopefully we can do some things.”