Student Council proposes sports to count for P.E.

Jacob Posner, Features Editor

Student Council has initiated a discussion with the administration about whether participation in a sport could replace a P.E. unit.

On behalf of the Student Council, Michael Rubin met with Athletics Director David Ribbens to explain that some students see P.E. as a disruption to sports training and to explore the feasibility for a student to get excused from P.E. during sports seasons.

While Mr. Ribbens said he has not had much of a role in this discussion, Michael wanted an opinion from the Athletics Department. Mr. Ribbens said P.E. provides a wider range of exercises and training, so one cannot replace another.

“You’re looking at two entirely different programs — that are not alike — but are similar in a few ways. Because, for instance, if someone plays ice hockey, they’re practicing, it’s cardiovascular, there’s strength training, there’s other things involved, but it’s a more specific behavior than physical education,” Mr. Ribbens said.

Michael said he plans to meet with others who have a more administrative role in this decision, including P.E. Department Chair Deborah Ribbens and other P.E. teachers as well as Lab Schools Director Charlie Abelmann.