Senior Show displays Class of 2022’s artwork


Malcolm Taylor

The senior show, opening on April 4, will be displayed in the Corvus Gallery in Gordon Parks Arts Hall.

Noa Appelbaum, Health and Wellness Editor

This year’s Senior Show, which is set to open on April 4, is a collection of the Class of 2022’s artwork — with styles ranging from graphic design, to watercolor and spray painting.

Art teacher Candice Latimer, gallery coordinator, has worked alongside junior intern Amon Gray to review and select submissions. Many senior artists submitted multiple pieces, so while there is not enough room in the gallery to put up each one, the Senior Show curators hope to be able to broadcast at least one of every individual student’s art piece.

Amon is also arts co-editor for the Midway but was not involved in producing this story. 

Ms. Latimer described the Senior Show as a celebration of the Class of 2022 and of all the creative pieces that individuals have been working on.

The 2021 show was virtual.

“It feels new, because it hasn’t happened in a while,” Ms. Latimer said. “It used to go on just at the end of the school year as a celebration of the graduating class being in art programs all throughout elementary school, middle school and high school. But due to everything being shut down, this is the first time it’s happened in a while.”

Jack Hurst has submitted three spray painting pieces to the exhibition, encouraged by his art teacher, Brian Wildeman, to become engaged with the art style.

“It’s hard to do a lot of different types of art with spray paint,” Jack said. “One of my pieces is very small and is an ocean with oranges, maroons and whites, kind of like the oceans of Mars. Another other one I made is kind of like space, or a galaxy, but I used maroons and greens instead of a traditional blue and purple.”

Despite the praise he received for the piece, Jack, along with many of his friends, had never considered art seriously or perceived himself as an artist. 

“I always didn’t consider myself an artistic person, and I know other people didn’t consider me an artistic person as well,” Jack said. “But I have so many pieces, and people have said they’ve really liked them, and so I wanted to show people that someone who doesn’t look like they can do art can make nice pieces and enjoy doing them.”

Senior Tech Nix was also encouraged by their art teacher, Mr. Wildman, to submit to the show.

“In Senior Show, I hope people see the amount of work that me and other artists have put into our pieces,” Tech said. “I know a lot of people in my art class who have literally worked on the same piece all year, so there’s a lot of work that went into it.”