Art show displays work of six seniors online


Artwork by Isabella de la Cerna

The Senior Showcase has featured Isabella de la Cerna’s “Abstract 1.” This piece, along with those made by the other seniors, is featured in the online gallery.

Peter Cox, Reporter

A collection of art from six members of the Class of 2021 is currently being displayed on the Laboratory Schools’ website on the Corvus Gallery page. The art show would have usually taken place in the gallery but, due to the space currently being used for other purposes during distance learning, the art show is being displayed exclusively online.

The featured seniors are Sawyer Anderson, Naomi Corlette, Isabella de la Cerna, Margot Fahrenwald, Ashley Husain and William McCullen.

While it would be preferable to have the art displayed in the physical gallery, art teacher Gina Alicea, the coordinator for the art show, thinks there are also some upsides.

Artwork by Naomi Corlette

“I love seeing the seniors’ work,” she said. “I wish we could have had it on display, but the one nice thing about virtual is we can just leave it, it’s on the website, it’s up indefinitely.”

Continuing to make art, particularly visual art, has been far more challenging this year.

“It’s hard to teach art-making on Zoom,” Ms. Alicea said. “It’s a kinesthetic visual discipline.”

Despite this being a very difficult year to produce visual art, Sawyer has tried to take a constructive approach to the challenges of the year.

“You get out of it what you put into it,” Sawyer said, “and I mean that’s kind of just how life is, but I think that’s really flourished for me in Covid.”