New club helps students learn about careers in a medical field


Henry Benton

Mediclub will use video lectures and guest speaker events to help students learn about pursuing a career in a medical field.

David Santiago, Reporter

A new student club hopes to bring new learning opportunities to students interested in pursuing a career in a medical field. Mediclub meets every Friday in C304 during lunch.
“Mediclub is something you should join to learn a lot about medicine, while having fun with your peers,” club leader Tara Sawhney, a junior, said.
The club’s goals for the year include having guest speakers and other activities for students.
“We are planning to host an assembly, if possible, and there will be a science fair at the end of the year for all of the members to present their research projects,” Tara said.
Each club meeting begins with a vote on what the topic of the day should be, followed by a video or lecture prepared by a volunteer to give background information on the topic. Group discussions surrounding the topic of interest are held afterward to address any remaining questions and concerns.