English classes should administer tests to ensure authenticity


Midway Staff

English classes should give tests so students would need to read the material instead of looking to other sources to complete assignments.

Kabir Joshi, Reporter

Currently, in English classes there are no tests taking place due to the English department’s policies regarding tests and grades. This means when students have to do any assignment, they are not forced to read the book, as the information in the question is easily acquired from online platforms.

If tests were to be implemented, they would force students to read the book due to needing specific information in the book that is not available through online resources, such as SparkNotes.

Students are found to be less likely to read a book when there is no assigned test on it, due to students not needing to read the book to complete the assignments, according to the American Historical Association. 

Some U-High students have also mentioned that they don’t feel they really need to read the book because whatever material is needed will be discussed in class. This discussed material is found on the assigned writing responses. If U-High were to implement tests, the tests would include more than just the material that is discussed in classroom discussions, it would also include material from the book that has not been discussed.

Students would also benefit from the enjoyment of reading the book, hopefully motivating them to do better and enjoy the class. This would raise participation levels on a student and class level, benefitting both teachers and students.

With an implementation of reading comprehension tests, the problem of students not reading assigned material would be solved.