Oooh Wee! It Is! provides unique twist on classic dishes


Gabriel Issa

Ooh Wee! It Is!, a Chicago-based chain restaurant providing “soul food with a twist,” is opening up a third location in Hyde Park on April 16.

Krishita Dutta, Opinions Editor

Mouthwatering soul food, upbeat live music and incredibly friendly staff all make Oooh Wee! It Is! such a popular restaurant in its current locations in suburban Burnham and in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood at 33 E. 83rd St. Luckily, the Chicago Southern-style eatery is making its way to Hyde Park, opening at 1508 E. 53rd St. on April 16. People can expect flavorsome brunch and dinner, with everything from lobster rolls and wings to mashed potatoes and cornbread cake. 

The main goal of the owner, Mark Walker, is to provide food that makes people happy and is filled with love. He said he is proud to be bringing the Black-owned restaurant to a third location and serve another predominantly Black neighborhood. With swings instead of chairs and vibrant posters everywhere, dining at Oooh Wee! It Is! is anything but dull — and as their menu says, “the food will definitely make you say ‘Ooooooohh Weeee!’”

The new Hyde Park location will serve a similar menu to the other locations.


Ooh Wee! It Is!’s pot roast cupcakes offer an unforgettable culinary experience. (Krishita Dutta)

Appetizer – Pot Roast Cupcakes, $12.99:

Pot roast cupcakes offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Slow-cooked pot roast that melts in your mouth with every bite combines with gravy and cheese for depth and richness. The “cupcakes” stand out with a buttery mashed potato “frosting” that perfectly balances the meat’s earthy flavors. At $12.99 each, these generous portions make for a satisfying and filling meal, but rest assured knowing that each cupcake is handcrafted with quality ingredients and with great care, as explained by owner Mark Walker.It’s well worth the cost.




Ooh Wee! It Is!’s Hennessy chicken wings offer a sweet, tangy spin on a classic dish. (Krishita Dutta)

Entrée – Hennessy Wings, $7.99:

Hennessy chicken wings with macaroni and cheese and cornbread on the side offer a tasty take on an old favorite. The Hennessy glaze — which provides a sweet, honey-like taste — adds depth and richness to the tender, juicy chicken while the creamy macaroni and cheese and warm, buttery cornbread provide comforting elements that make this meal feel complete. With such thoughtful preparation of each element, this meal is well worth the low cost.





Ooh Wee! It Is!’s Highly popular caramel cake is delicious, moist, and buttery. (Krishita Dutta)

Dessert – Caramel Cake, $5:

At the Burnham location, multiple servers raved about this moist yellow cake with creamy caramel frosting. With its rich, buttery taste and indulgent sweetness, it has quickly become a customer favorite. Garnished with caramel sauce, it’s an affordable treat that finishes the savory experience with just enough sweetness.