Ordering in becomes new dining option


Edited by Leland Culver

A screenshot of the Postmates desktop website, inviting visitors to immediately make an order. Delivery services like Postmates, Grubhub and Uber Eats have become one of the only ways to eat from a restaurant.

Amid social distancing measures and remote learning, what to eat for dinner may seem like the least important thing. But with sit-in restaurants closed, delivery services like Postmates, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Caviar are becoming some of the only ways to eat food other than your parents’ cooking.

Whether it’s the pizza you’ve been craving for weeks or something from that new place that opened up down the street, now is the perfect time to order in.

Junior Clara Grosse and her family have been consistently ordering from businesses in the Hyde Park neighborhood, where they live.

“We do it twice a week because we want to support the local restaurants that might be struggling during coronavirus,” she said.

With her sister home from college there’s a variety of different tastes in the house. 

“We like to mix it up,” she said. Last week, they ordered Senegalese from Gorée Cuisine and Thai from Hyde Park staple Snail, everyone trying a new dish each time.

“It’d be impossible to pick a favorite, we love all the restaurants,” she said.

Delivery isn’t everyone’s style, though. Senior Mickey Claffey said that his family ordered in just once, and only after a lot of convincing.

“My mom really likes to cook, so she doesn’t like take out too often,” he said. 

But this time was well worth it. Mickey ordered his favorite dish, “tonkotsu ramen with pork belly and karaage chicken on the side” from Strings Ramen with locations in Hyde Park, Chinatown and Lakeview.

“It was really good, Mickey said. “I haven’t had it in forever.”

Mickey said that he goes to Strings all the time, and while that might not be possible right now, eating it at home can be delicious and a comforting reminder of your regular routine all in one.

Whether it’s giving into that craving for an old favorite or finally trying something from the restaurant down the street, getting food delivered right to your doorstep helps support local businesses — and provides a break from family cooking.