Tryouts held for spring musical


Tryout for the spring musical, “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole,” will be held after school March 3 through March 5.

Audrey Park, Reporter

Tryouts for the spring musical, “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole,” will be held over Zoom at 2:30 p.m. March 3, 3:30 p.m. March 4 and 2:30 p.m. March 5. The theater program is seeking to recruit actors, singers, musicians, tech workers and choreographers.
Students can sign up for tryouts through a Google Form, which explains the requirements and has a list of possible passages to perform.
“Alice Down the Rabbit Hole” is an original musical written by the music director, Miguel de la Cerna, based on the story “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll. Theater teacher Liucija Ambrosini will direct the musical.
At tryouts, a script will be shared with all who choose to audition. Participants will then be called in random groups or by themselves to perform a passage.
Junior Inga Domenick, the musical’s theater manager, advised tryout participants to prepare for the auditions in advance.
“I would recommend those who decide to audition to allot one minute of a school-appropriate song that demonstrates your singing skills,” Inga said. “They should also look over the material at the top of the tryout form.”