Students learn to drive during pandemic, take on new responsibility


Andrew Burke-Stevenson

Many consider getting a driver’s license a rite of passage into adulthood with many benefits. The ability to grab your keys, hop into the front seat and drive wherever you want is a privilege. However while driving provides students with more freedom, it also requires them to take on more responsibility.

Driving for the first time on your own is a scary yet liberating milestone for young adults. Heading into the pandemic, many U-High teens have taken on the challenge of driving. Through learning to drive, students have pushed their limits and learned to take on a new kind of responsibility.


Students learn about adult responsibilities and freedoms while getting drivers licenses

The ability to drive wherever you want is a privilege, but also offers opportunity for serious danger. As U-High students receive their licenses, they begin to experience the freedoms and responsibilities of becoming an adult. — Audrey Matei


Pandemic has unexpected effects on first-time drivers

Driving during the pandemic is a win-lose situation. People can get eased into driving when fewer cars are on the roads, but this can create bad habits if they get used to no-consequence driving. — Jack Hurst


Learning to drive allows teenagers to gain independence and enter adulthood

Whether learning to drive is a scary or fun experience, most can agree that there are many benefits to the activity. This entails gaining independence, confidence, and even giving a glimpse of adulthood to teenagers. — Audrey Park