Chamber Collective plays in Mandel Hall


Screengrab from performance

The U-High Chamber Collective performed for a limited audience in Mandel Hall on May 13.

Audrey Park, Reporter

The U-High Chamber Collective’s performance at Mandel Hall met and exceeded expectations despite the many challenges COVID-19 posed throughout the process on May 13.

The performance can be viewed online

Music department chair Rozalyn Torto, the group’s director, said she was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the performance.

“The performance overall was wonderful — technically, musically and just experience-wise,” Ms. Torto said. “We all felt as though time stood still.”

Amelia Zheng played the violin in the performance and thought similarly.

“Overall I think the performance went really well,” she said. “We got through all of our music without messing up, and it sounded very good together.”

Although the event went well, the group had to overcome obstacles.

“Due to the pandemic, it has been rough, I’m not going to lie. They really put up with a lot,” Ms. Torto said. “We held virtual sessions up until February, and we were able to meet in person on Wednesdays.”

Amelia found it difficult to hear her fellow performers at times due to the strict coronavirus precautions the University of Chicago mandated for Mandel Hall. 

“Initially I didn’t really know what it was going to be like because of the strict rules and not having played on a stage for so long,” Amelia said, “but it was overall a super fun and special experience.” 

Additionally, the audience was limited to 25 people in which parents of the performers could attend. 

Ms. Torto looks forward to next year when the group will meet twice a week.

“The performance was better than I could have ever imagined,” Ms. Torto said.
“It was truly just a moment of creating — a powerful movement of creation.”