Survey process shouldn’t stifle necessary change


Midway staff

Although a careful student survey process can have many benefits, the Lab administration needs to act faster in responding to certain issues affecting the student body, writes reporter Ethan Swinger.

Ethan Swinger, Reporter

The Lab administration has conducted numerous surveys to gather information about student health and to start promoting changes that students have been requesting this semester, such as reducing homework and having a later start time.

While these surveys are a positive step for promoting change and could solve student issues in the future, the administration should focus on creating more immediate changes to benefit students.

Students have been adamant about the overwhelming workload, lack of sleep, poor mental health and other problems many of them face. Although these concerns have been noticed, there currently remain issues that could be improved through smaller, rapid changes. For example, offering more flexibility in deadlines, enforcing a maximum homework limit or publishing a class’s workload ahead of time would help students.

Students’ campaigns for change in U-High have not gone unnoticed, and advocating for smaller goals that could take immediate effect may prove an effective step in positively reforming the environment at U-High.