‘King Richard’ captivates viewers with variety of depicted moments


King Richard Film

Through telling the story of a father devoted to helping his daughters, “King Richard” captivates its viewers with a powerful variety of depicted moments.

Krishita Dutta, Arts Co-Editor

“King Richard” tells the story of a father devoted to helping his daughters. However, the film doesn’t depict any regular parent-child relationship when the daughters are Serena and Venus Williams — and their success can be seen in some of the world’s most prominent tennis courts. 

“King Richard” captivates viewers with a powerful variety of moments depicted, from hilarious to heart-rending, with the help of strong acting and timeline structure.

The cinematography sets the tone for each scene — from characters screaming accentuated by lightning and rain, to laughter highlighted by a bright sun — creating a compelling experience for viewers.

“King Richard” upholds a perfect combination of detailed tennis sequences on the tennis court and behind the scenes for viewers who may not be particularly interested in sports to not get bored during the film.

The film adheres to a powerful script that successfully illustrates what the characters in the film were truly like — especially the dad, for whom the film paints a strong picture, through powerful scenes illustrating his tough-love for his kids. By the time the closing credits rolled out, I truly understood and sympathized with what it was like to live with the father.

The film is currently running in theaters, and is also available to stream for a fee on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. 

Regardless of viewers’ knowledge in sports, biopic “King Richard” provides an incredibly moving experience.