IHSA should mandate vaccinations for athletes


The Illinois High School Association should require vaccinations for athletes, argues reporter Milo Platz-Walker.

Milo Platz-Walker, Reporter

Sick and bored, high school athletes all over the country are forced to sit out of games, meets and practices due to COVID-19 sickness.

In order to keep athletes safe and healthy, the Illinois High School Association should implement a coronavirus vaccine mandate for all high school athletes.

In February alone Illinois had over 55,000 coronavirus cases. Students that are not vaccinated have been spreading coronavirus to other schools through the IHSA sports program. 

Now with the new coronavirus variant “Omicron BA.2” making up about 50% of Chicago cases it is important that athletes are able to limit the spread. 

Worldwide, thousands of athletes have been forced to sit out of practices and games due to COVID, and getting vaccinated is a way to prevent that. Not only will the vaccine mandate prevent athletes from getting COVID, but it will also make the few cases quicker and easier to overcome.

Not only students, but coaches and officials will become even more protected from COVID cases between athletes with an implemented vaccination mandate. Even though they may not be playing on the court, officials and coaches are still highly vulnerable to athletes with COVID.

Officials, coaches, teachers and students at all schools would benefit from a vaccination mandate in order to prevent the spread of COVID between schools in the IHSA.