LabArts showcases student artwork


Malcolm Taylor

Seniors look at art on display at this year’s LabArts show.

Audrey Park, Assistant Editor

The first art show of LabArts, the annual art showcase event, began April 20 and will last until May 8 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Gordon Parks Arts Hall. The second show will be held from May 11 to June 1. 

LabArts is a celebration of both visual and performative arts, including film, music and theater, that has taken place for the past nine years. The show displays art performances of students from the primary through high schools.

The full schedule of LabArts can be found on the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools website.

Anyone can attend LabArts, but they must sign up at the Judd entrance when they arrive to restrict the number of people in the exhibit.  

LabArts is a really fun program, where all of the arts at Lab kind of come together.

— Benjamin Jaffe

Photography and film teacher Benjamin Jaffe, LabArts coordinator, said this year’s LabArts is different from past ones.

He said that in past years, all artwork from students in all grades was displayed simultaneously, so organizers ran out of space. This year, LabArts took a new approach, and decided to break the event up into two shows to spread out the art and make it more digestible. 

“LabArts is a really fun program, where all of the arts at Lab kind of come together,” Mr. Jaffe said. “By coordinating everything to happen at the same time, we hope people get a taste of everything.”