Dig Pink fundraiser surpasses goal


Matt Petres

Junior Micayla Hatcher steps up to the ball during the Dig Pink game on Oct. 14 against the Latin School of Chicago. The team raised over $2500 for research and treatment for stage 4 breast cancer.

Ethan Swinger, Assistant editor

Feet planted, she bumps the ball upward. All eyes on the rising ball, the crowd is breathless in anticipation. Her teammate leaps into the air, hurling the ball over the net. It crashes onto the hardwood floor, accompanied by a blaring whistle. In unison, the sea of pink shirts and screaming fans erupt into applause.

The volleyball team raised over $2,500 in donations for the annual Dig Pink fundraiser, surpassing its goal of $1,500. Of the total, nearly $1,000 came from T-shirt sales prior to the Oct. 14 game versus the Latin School of Chicago.

Dig Pink is a volleyball event throughout high schools and colleges nationwide that raises awareness for breast cancer.

Proceeds are given to the Side-Out Foundation, a charity that funds research and treatment for stage 4 breast cancer. Their mission is to help people with breast cancer regain control of their lives.

To garner support, the volleyball players dedicated a game to the cause and sold Dig Pink T-shirts the week before the game. 

According to captain Charlotte Henderson, a senior, Dig Pink is also an opportunity to bring recognition to the volleyball team.

“It’s also a kind of chance to highlight the volleyball team, not just as a regular game,” Charlotte said, “but as one we put a lot of energy to honor women who have gone through cancer and to raise money for the school.”

Captain Emily Brennan, a junior, believes that Dig Pink is worth supporting because of the personal connection players have with it.

“I feel like it’s great that we support this cause, especially because it’s so close to a lot of our player’s hearts and our coach as well,” Emily said.

Head coach Lisa Miller, who had breast cancer earlier this year, believes that Dig Pink holds significance to the volleyball team because of how it has fostered a sense of community.

“It matters to this community, but really, the team,” Ms. Miller said. “It’s a very important team bonding activity because they really do work together.”