Girls swimming and diving season wrap up: Oyler breaks records at end of season


Matt Petres

Elizabeth Oyler competes at IHSA sectionals at the University of Illinois Chicago on Nov. 5. Elizabeth broke the U-High record for the 100-yard backstroke at 57.71.

Audrey Park, Managing Editor

Update: A previous version of this story misstated the number of records Elizabeth Oyler broke and included an incorrect quote from a member of the team.

The girls swimming team placed fourth overall at the IHSA sectional swim meet on Nov. 5, where junior Elizabeth Oyler broke the U-High record for the varsity 100-yard backstroke at 57.71 seconds, qualifying her for the state championship held in Westmont on Nov. 11. She also set a new varsity record in the 50-yard freestyle, through her leadoff in the 200-yard freestyle relay, along with a new varsity record in the 100-yard freestyle.

Elizabeth competed in the 100-yard backstroke at state, officially ending the season.

She credited her success at the two meets to her coaches, Dar Novak and Kate Chronic, who were both named Coach of the Year for the IHSA sectional, and her teammates.

“I think, on one hand, the coaches really prepared me well this season. We all worked really hard,” Elizabeth said, “but on another note, I think what really helped me take that final step of doing well at that meet was the support of my teammates and getting to see everyone cheering for me.”

Prior to the IHSA meet, the team placed second overall at the ISL meet on Oct. 29.

Senior Maya Herron, a captain, said the ISL competition bridged swimming and diving together.

 “We are one team, but we compete at different times usually, and we cannot always watch each other, and so it is really fun to see the points that the divers got,” Maya said. “We have swimming and diving combined … so that was super exciting.”  

When the season ended for everyone at sectionals except Elizabeth, her teammates showed their support by practicing with Elizabeth.

“I can tell you from my own experience that going to an extra practice when you do not have to is a lot of work, and it just shows how much they care for this team that they are willing to come and show up even when the season is over,” Elizabeth said. 

Elizabeth was 0.8 seconds off the state cut in the 100-yard free. She said next year her goal is to compete in more than one event at state, and she wants to bring other teammates with her to state. 

While Elizabeth did not do as well as she wanted at state, she reflects on the season fondly and appreciates how it ended. 

“On the way home, we bonded,” she said. “Our coach told us stories on the way back, and it was a great way to end the season.”