Artsfest submissions due second week of January


Matt Petres

Students may begin submitting proposals for Artsfest workshops, T-shirt and mural designs.

Victoria Washington, Audience Engagement Manager

In preparation for Artsfest on March 1, student submissions for workshop proposals, T-shirt and mural designs are open. Students should use the ArtsFest 2023 Workshop Submission Form to suggest both workshops and designs. Proposals are due the second week of January and can be offered by individuals, partners or clubs. 

Artsfest president Grayson Smith encourages workshop leaders to make art more approachable in order to lead effective workshops. 

“We want to introduce people to the fact that art is fun, exciting to make and express yourself regardless of how long you’ve been taking art classes,” Grayson said.   

Grayson encourages everyone to submit proposals, regardless of previous art experience. 

“Just submit,” she said enthusiastically. “Don’t be worried about it being a good workshop. We are so excited for any student submissions.”