Corvus Gallery exhibit opening to occur Jan. 25


Matthew McGehee

“Seeing the Other,” the current Corvus Gallery exhibit, displays portraits of dozens of individuals across the world. The artist will attend the exhibit’s opening and visit several arts classes.

David Santiago, Reporter

A public opening of the new Corvus Gallery exhibit entitled “Seeing the Other” will be held on Jan. 26 from 4-7 p.m. The opening will feature the photographer, Daniel Epstein.

Covering the center wall of the exhibit hall are portraits of people representing over 50 faiths  and hailing from 27 countries. Next to each portrait is a QR code that links to audio and video interviews of the image’s subjects. 

Mr. Epstein, who founded the nonprofit Portraits in Faith Foundation, states his motivation to share portraits and interviews as aiming to teach a practice he developed over his 20 years called “sacred listening.” 

During the week of Jan. 23, Epstein will come to the Laboratory Schools to work with teachers and students across all grade levels to explore his mission of sacred listening, which he describes as “receiving the story of someone you perceive to be ‘the other.’” 

Gina Alicea, Corvus Gallery director and visual arts teacher, said that the gallery can help bring people together through common understanding.

“We live in a divisive time. If we can find the opportunity to listen to each other, we can achieve a greater understanding of humanity,” she said.  “We can create unity by learning about others. Knowledge breaks down barriers.” 

This message is displayed on the exhibit’s right wall. Written in bold letters across the wall is “What can we do to create more unity amongst humanity?”