‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 presents improved focus on relationships, stories



Season two of Netflix show “Ginny and Georgia” is a compelling watch despite cliches and unrealistic plots, and is an improvement from the first season.

Mia Lipson, Assistant Editor

The bond between a parent and their kids is one that is not often doubted. Georgia Miller, who plays the fierce mother of a teenage daughter in the Netflix original series “Ginny & Georgia,” certainly reminds the audience of this. 

While the first season of the show feels overcrowded and extreme, the second season improves in its concentration on the relationships of main characters and expands on the core themes of generational trauma. 

The story centers around 31-year-old mother Georgia Miller and her daughter Ginny, portrayed through two timelines. The primary timeline explores the Miller family’s present day life in Wellsbury, Connecticut, a small, quaint town where the family relocates only to end up facing not-so-serene conditions. The secondary timeline explores Georgia’s past through a series of backflashes, diving into the trauma she endured and her life as a young mother to her children. 

Season 2 picks up where the first left off, but with an improved focus. While the first season often felt bloated with themes ranging from embezzlement to infidelity, with inopportune ballads interspersing discussions of trauma, this season succeeds when the focus is on the essence of the show: Ginny and Georgia’s relationship. As Ginny begins her journey with therapy, the show takes a self-reflective turn and allows the audience to view her identity and relationships with renewed perspective and contemplation. By delving into themes of mental health and Ginny’s experience with systemic racism within the education system, the season introduces relevant topics with a more thoughtful lens. 

Though the second season of “Ginny & Georgia” still suffers from the same cliches that plague the first — forced-sounding dialogue and unrealistic plots — it allows the characters’ stories and relationships to shine through, creating a more compelling and pleasant watching experience.